Known from ancient times as the Island of the Fortunate, FuerteventuraFuerteventura does not fall short of this quite adequate description. The island is, indeed, a place of leisure and idleness, of never-ending sunbathing and golden beaches.

A particularity of Fuerteventura is that it stands out as one of the few places on earth were flying kites has managed to turn into an international festival (given the strong winds blowing in certain regions of Fuerteventura).

Being the second largest island in the Canary Islands Archipelago, Fuerteventura is, from a tourist point of view, one of the most successful resort islands of the respective archipelago. do u need a passport to go to dominican republic

A tourist paradise, one might say. And they wouldn’t be wrong.

Short History of Fuerteventura


Geologically speaking, Fuerteventura is allegedly the oldest of the Canary Islands, though its formation took place in time, being boosted by an eruption 20 million years ago. However spectacular the natural history of the place might be, the human history is just as significant. Thus, the fact that Phoenicians, the Spaniards, and the Portuguese, as well as the French alternately,  tried to hold dominion over the island is a reason enough to believe that the place is indeed one rightfully coveted for. If You are interested in a trip to Egypt, You can check this site Egypt E-Visa

Nowadays Fuerteventura is a part of the province of Las Palmas and, hence, a part of Spain.Accommodation in Fuerteventura

The numerous hotels thriving on the exploitation of the 150 beaches on Fuerteventura are to be found throughout the resorts developed on the island, of which the most notable are Puerto Rosario, Betancuria, Corralejo, Morro Jable, Caleta de Fuste, Tuineje, and Antigua. However, the mainstream hotels are occasionally ruled out by tourists who, for instance, are willing to self cater, their first option in terms of accommodation being represented by apartments for rent.

Another solution is put forward by the rural homes which feature an additional upside: they offer splendid countryside views and they are somewhat secluded, which guarantees peace and calm for tourists in search of such elements.

Canary Islands Cuisine in Fuerteventura

The gastronomic picture of Fuerteventura is nothing different from the overall offer put forward by all of the Canary Islands. Thus, one should always expect to find an extremely loyal representation of many international cuisines in Fuerteventura, ranging from Chinese to English food, the latter being vigorously served as an almost traditional habit (given the special tourist relations between the Canary Islands and England).

Spanish dishes, such as paella, tortilla, tapas or kebabs could never miss from the many restaurants and eating venues scattered throughout the resorts in Fuerteventura.

Canarian cheeses, such as cottage cheese and cured goat cheese also represent a culinary particularity of the place, along with the wrinkly potatoes (papas arrugadas) and pastry specialties made of gofio.